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Live Systems Manual


16. Procedures

This chapter documents the procedures within the Live Systems Project for various tasks that need cooperation with other teams in Debian.

16.1 Major Releases

Releasing a new stable major version of Debian includes a lot of different teams working together to make it happen. At some point, the Live team comes in and builds live system images. The requirements to do this are:

16.2 Point Releases

16.2.1 Last Point Release of a Debian Release

Remember to adjust both chroot and binary mirrors when building the last set of images for a Debian release after it has been moved away from to That way, old prebuilt live images are still useful without user modifications.

16.2.2 Point release announcement template

An announcement mail for point releases can be generated using the template below and the following command:

$ sed \
     -e 's|@MAJOR@|7.0|g' \
     -e 's|@MINOR@|7.0.1|g' \
     -e 's|@CODENAME@|wheezy|g' \
     -e 's|@ANNOUNCE@|2013/msgXXXXX.html|g'

Please check the mail carefully before sending and pass it to others for proof-reading.

Updated Live @MAJOR@: @MINOR@ released

The Live Systems Project is pleased to announce the @MINOR@ update of the
Live images for the stable distribution Debian @MAJOR@ (codename "@CODENAME@").

The images are available for download at:


and later at:


This update includes the changes of the Debian @MINOR@ release:


Additionally it includes the following Live-specific changes:


About Live Systems
The Live Systems Project produces the tools used to build official
live systems and the official live images themselves for Debian.

About Debian
The Debian Project is an association of Free Software developers who
volunteer their time and effort in order to produce the completely free
operating system Debian.

Contact Information
For further information, please visit the Live Systems web pages at
<>, or contact the Live Systems team at

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