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Live Systems Handbuch

Contributing to the project

13. Contributing to the project

When submitting a contribution, please clearly identify its copyright holder and include any applicable licensing statement. Note that to be accepted, the contribution must be licensed under the same license as the rest of the documents, namely, GPL version 3 or later.

Contributions to the project, such as translations and patches, are greatly welcome. Anyone can directly commit to the repositories, however, we ask you to send bigger changes to the mailing list to discuss them first. See the section Contact for more information.

The Live Systems Project uses Git as version control system and source code management. As explained in Git repositories there are two main development branches: debian and debian-next. Everybody can commit to the debian-next branches of the live-boot, live-build, live-config, live-images, live-manual and live-tools repositories.

However, there are certain restrictions. The server will reject:

Even though all commits might be revised, we ask you to use your common sense and make good commits with good commit messages.

13.1 Making changes

In order to push to the repositories, you must follow the following procedure. Here we use live-manual as an example so replace it with the name of the repository you want to work with. For detailed information on how to edit live-manual see Contributing to this document.

$ mkdir -p ~/.ssh/keys
$ wget -O ~/.ssh/keys/
$ wget -O ~/.ssh/keys/
$ chmod 0600 ~/.ssh/keys/*

$ cat >> ~/.ssh/config << EOF
     User git
     IdentitiesOnly yes
     IdentityFile ~/.ssh/keys/

$ git clone
$ cd live-manual && git checkout debian-next

  $ git config "John Doe"
  $ git config

Important: Remember that you should commit any changes on the debian-next branch.

$ git commit -a -m "Adding a section on applying patches."

$ git push

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